Katerina Ekşioğlu


Full name: Katerina Ekşioğlu
Date of birth: April 30,1986
Place of birth: Belarus, Minsk.
Education:Belarusian State University of Physical Culture, University of Tourism, Fashion art clothing design school.

Occupation: Designer, founder,of the KE brand “Katerina Ekşioğlu”.
Hobby: Sports.
Family: Married.

From the age of 6, Katerina was engaged in acrobatics, for 11 years of her sports career she won 1st place in the Europan Cup. After graduating from the Belarusian State University of Physical Culture, Katerina began working as a choreographer, staging dance performances for circus artists. Katerina also took part in tailoring suits. Already at that time there was an interest in creating suits for clothes, combining colors and choosing fabrics for products. Soon, Katerina entered the Fashion art school of fashion design. There she acquired.
There she acquired her first skills in the fashion world. In 2014, Katerina entered into cooperation with partners and opened a clothing boutique.
In 2018 she created the brand “The Femme Style”.
In 2020, she established her own brand named “Katerina Ekşioğlu” in order to make her goals more real.
She continues to create haute couture designs with her modern and distinctive brand.
In 2022, Katerina released the Pre Fall collection.

Katerina Ekşioğlu Kimdir